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October 10, 2013

Oh, hey, this page…

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So I was poking through my bookmarks the other day, and suddenly remembered I have a blog!  Amazing!

General updates then.  It’s been a busy year.  After a family trip to Vegas in January, I came back home to a job interview.   I got the job!  I became an official PAID attorney, practicing Family Law.

We immediately started looking for rental houses.  We found one right away, signed the papers, and had keys in about five days.   At the end of my second week of work, we moved all our stuff to Pasadena.  It was a crazy weekend, but totally worth doing in ONE move, so all our stuff was in one place.  Isis adjusted surprisingly well.

So, start of February, we had a house with a yard, and I had a real law job!  I made myself wait until after Easter to start looking for a dog, because I wanted to make sure we were all moved in, and that the cat had fully adjusted to the new place.  I found a good candidate in May, and were able to bring him home at the start of June.   His name is Maverick, and he’s awesome.

We did a bit of travel this year.  We’ve been camping in Sequoia National Park with the family, and went up to the Oregon Coast for my friend’s wedding.  This seems to be a year for weddings – three more couples whom I know and who might actually have an interest in reading this blog are getting married this fall.  Congratulations to you all!

And now we’re current with my timeline.  Earlier this week, I found out that my awesome law job is actually going away at the end of the month – not enough business walking in the door to keep a dedicated family law attorney on salary.  My bosses say I can still freelance on their occasional family law case for a commission, but that’s not guaranteed.  So I’m in the process, again, of looking for a law job.

All in all, a very VERY busy year.  I’ll try to keep you guys more in loop for the rest of it.  Cheers!

NOTE:  I would have added at least five pictures to this post, but I can’t figure out how to link the pictures from the new Google+ album format. I’ve tried adding an image to WordPress here, and copying the image URL in, but WP doesn’t like the link.  Man, I miss Picasa.  If you have advice on how to overcome this problem, leave me a comment – this issue is relevant to my leatherworking blog as well (I have a BUNCH of projects to catch up on from last Christmas).