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January 2, 2012

2012 Goals

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Major Goals:
  1. Pass the Bar
  2. Get a job in the legal profession
  3. Lose the rest of the 20lbs
  4. Run another half marathon
  5. Move to a house
#1: Pass The Bar
I am retaking the exam at the end of February.  After this post, I will turn into a social hermit once again.  Rest assured, you’ll see me again in March.
#2: Get a job in the legal profession
As delighted as I am to be drawing a paycheck again, I really would prefer a job in my field.   This year, I have to make that happen.
#3:  Lose the rest of the 20lbs.
20lbs was my goal for weight loss last year, and I only managed part of it.  Now that the holidays have passed, it is time to buckle down and lose the rest.
#4: Run another half marathon.
I ran an unexpected half marathon last year, and really enjoyed it.  I liked the training routine, and I loved the way my cholesterol dropped.  So I’m going to do another one some time this year.   I haven’t decided when yet.  But you’re welcome to join me.
#5: Move to a house
Chris and I have been living in this same apartment for seven years now.  We think it’s time for some nicer digs.
Bonus Goals:
  1. Learn to play guitar
  2. Zelda Ocarina-thon
  3. Have better posture
  4. Try Muay Thai
#1: Learn to play guitar
This time around, I’m going to make the guitar my post-Bar sanity hobby.  And Chris offered me some incentive. He said if I master the instructional material I already have, he’ll buy me a banjo, which is my ultimate musical goal
#2: Zelda Ocarina-thon
I know I can beat this game in one epic sitting.  I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
#3: Have better posture.
My posture sucks.  I’m going to be making a conscious effort to change it this year.
#4: Try Muay Thai
There’s an awesome kickboxing class I’ve been thinking about taking.  The first one is free.
So that’s the plan for the year, folks.  If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know.

2011 Performance Review

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I set out 10 goals for 2011: five major goals and five bonus goals that would be nice to achieve, but which I did not consider vital to the success of the year.

Major Goals:

  1. Pass the Bar
  2. Graduate
  3. Lose 20 lbs
  4. Run the Warrior Dash on Saturday, April 2.
  5. Get a job

Of these goals, I managed three.  I finally graduated lawschool, which I consider my most important achievement of the year.   I ran the Warrior Dash in some excellent company.  And I did in fact end the year with a job.

I did not manage to lose all 20lbs of weight, though I managed some.   And, of course, the elephant in the room is that I did not pass the Bar.

Why did it have to be Real Property?

Sub Goals:

  1. Learn leathercrafting
  2. Learn more than one chord on the guitar
  3. Master some new crockpot recipes
  4. Zelda Ocarina-thon
  5. Go camping
I finished three of these goals as well.  After the Bar exam, I turned to leathercrafting to stay sane and keep my mind of the test results.  I took classes at Tandy, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it so far.   I picked up a whole book of healthier crackpot recipes, and several of them have become regulars in our rotation.   I did go camping, along with most of the people who are likely to be reading this blog, for Chris’ 30 birthday party.
I still haven’t gotten around to picking up the guitar, and I didn’t manage to squeeze in the Ocarina-thon.
2011 Bonuses:
I also engaged in some unplanned awesomeness for the year.  I ran a half-marathon, which is something I never seriously considered before.  And because of all the training I did before hand, I also dropped my cholesterol a bunch.  This is a trend I want to continue in 2012.
All told, 2011 was a  pretty successful year.  Thank you, my friends and family, for all your help in making it that way.