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July 31, 2011

Life after the Bar

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I took the Bar last week, and I survived.   I’m actually pretty happy with my performance.  I didn’t freeze up in the face of a room with over 1,300 people all stressing out; I didn’t throw up, or scream, or pull my hair, or pace around the room in the middle of the exam, or all the other horror stories lawyers like to tell about what happen when they took the Bar.  I didn’t know everything, but I applied what I knew as best I could. That’s really all I could do.  I won’t have results until the middle of November.  Trust me, when I know whether I passed, the rest of you will know as well.

Thursday night, Chris, Jacques, Hanh and I went to Melting Pot to celebrate.  There was cheese and chocolate and really excellent scotch.   Friday, I indulged in a massage, and finally got a kink out of my neck that showed up just a few days before the test.  I also baked a cake for Matt and Anna’s going away party.  Saturday was the party proper, and a good time was had by all.  Today, I just hung out around the house and read and read a book, completely guilt free – I wasn’t supposed to be studying anything, and my time was my own.

This week, I’m on call for jury duty, though I don’t have to report on Monday.  My mid-range plans are to either get a job with a legal temping agency as a legal secretary, or take classes at a community college.  The legal secretary job is because firms won’t really talk to you until you get your Bar results back.  But the job would help me build my legal experience, and I would be networking wherever I had to temp.   If that doesn’t shake out, I’m registered at Los Angles Vally CC.  I haven’t signed up for any classes yet.  That’s due to all the classes being mostly full – fall registration was back in Spring Term, so I’m coming into the process late.  I need to haggle with a registrar over whether my previous undergrad credits or my law school experience can get me out of introductory math and writing classes.

All told, I’m doing very well, and I’m very happy to be done.  I’m going to spend the next few weeks adjusting to the novel concept of “free time.”  I’m going to start exercising again, and I plan to look into weekend classes for my weirdo leathercraft hobby.  I hope all of you are doing equally well, and I look forward to being able to spend time with my friends and family again.