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December 31, 2009

End of the year wrap up

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Christmas was a pretty low key event this year.  Donut came down on the 13th.  We went up to the mountains to see Cheryl on Christmas Eve Eve, then down to Longbeach on Christmas Eve for Midnight Mass.  On Christmas Day, we did the family rounds with both sets of grandparents, then it was back home to North Hollywood.   I’ve played a lot of WOW over break – Donut and Chris helped me power level my 62 up to 70, and I earned the Merrymaker achievment.

I got my grades back for fall.  I passed all my classes, but didn’t earn any of the Foundation points my school requires.  I’m retaking one class this term for no credit, but for that point, bringing my spring class total up to 4.  Then, when all goes well, I will take two more classes over the summer, and be done at the end of July.  But I will still walk for graduation at the end of May.  Which brings me to my New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Graduate from law school!
  2. Earn the Loremaster achievement for Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdore before Cataclysm comes out
  3. Run more and eat better
  4. Learn to play guitar.  No, for real this time.
  5. If I happen to find myself with copious amounts of free time – boxing lessons.  I don’t want to fight a person, I just want to have access to a bag I can beat on during midterms and finals.

And I’d just like to finish the year by saying I’m blessed to have so many really excellent people in my life.  Everybody stay safe tonight, and may you all find some happiness in 2010.

December 6, 2009

Ocharina of Time: Zelda’s Quest

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I have an awesome idea for a new Legend of Zelda Game, and, being a giant nerd (and because this is much more fun to think about than finals), I’m going to share.  Set during Ocarina of Time, you play Zelda (as both Princess and Shiek) and you go into dungeons and plant all of the dungeon items for Link to find later.  Like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, but with magic and time travel.

I know, I know, the game ended with Ganon defeated and a young Link and Zelda safe.  But say just a short time after the game, while Link is out of town in Majora’s Mask,  one of the sages realizes that surviving agents of Ganon are screwing around in the timeline, attempting to change the outcome.  The sages need a hero; with Link away, they approach the royal family bodyguard, Impa. She agrees to help, but is then struck down by Ganon’s forces.   With her last breaths (or, okay, from her sick bed if Nintendo doesn’t want to kill off the old girl), Impa tells Zelda of her quest, and sends her to the Sheikah for training.  Zelda learns how to fight and then, disguised as Sheik, sets off through time to save the world.

Zelda’s story would be woven in and around the fabric of Ocarina.  Dungeon bosses would be Gannon’s agents, as they are trying to stop you from planting the items (obviously, different bosses then those Link fights later).  You can use the dungeon item you are carrying, but you must eventually leave it behind and continue on with just Sheik’s unique weapons.  At certain points, you would talk to Link and aid him in his quest; for example, you need to teach him the teleport songs.  However, YOU would have to learn the songs first.  You could travel back in Hyrule’s history to talk to the person who first wrote it, or the sages could send you on a quest to fin an ancient scroll or some such.   Occasionally, you would have to put in appearances as Princess Zelda, so no one suspects you are out on this dangerous temporal journey.   The final boss could be either Ganon, trying to reach out from beyond the beating Link gave him, or a powerful Lieutenant who stayed in the shadows in the previous game  And the game ends with the Ocarina timeline intact.

So that’s the idea.  I know Ocarina of Time is a well that has been repeatedly tapped, but I think this would be a fun romp through game lore, and the chance to have a Zelda game in which the title character is Zelda.

December 2, 2009

Catch up

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Birthday – Was fun!  I am 30, and still in school; this is a little aggravating at times.  But I am married to a wonderful man, and have awesome friends, and they will rally to play laser tag at my request.   My life is pretty awesome.

Thanksgiving – We hosted!  Lots of family.  Happily, Cheryl cooked – it was delicious.  We are still working our way through leftovers.

School – Finals.  They start today.  Four tests, and the last one on the 14th.  [Insert string of curses here].

Christmas and New Years – We’re staying in Los Angeles for the holidays.  We hope to be able to see the Ducks at the Rose Bowl, and we might go see Abney Park at the Edison; these depend on Thursday’s Civil War game, and how broke we are after Christmas.  My wishlist is current, for those who are interested in that sort of thing.

Happy December, all!