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May 28, 2009

Journey of a 1000 miles

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It was about this time last year that I decided not only was I going to start running, I was going to stay motivated to exercise by entering a 10K.  That plan worked out great.  There was some equipment difficulty on race day, but the 10K goal got me away from the computer and kept me exercising for three solid months.  After that, I became very busy with school, and pretty much quit; I was really motivated to exercise about one week a month, and not at all the rest of the time.

So I’ve decided I need a new goal – something long term – to keep me motivated.  I’m going to run 1000 miles in a year.  That works out to about 20 a week, which is completely doable.  I’m going to start a little slow, but as I get into better shape, I can make up the miles with longer or more frequent runs.   Slow but steady progress is the purpose of this exercise, as is being motivated to keep exercising after school stress starts up again.  I’m not going to constantly blog about it like I did last summer – instead, you can track my progress with the Nike+ widget thingy embedded in the upper left corner of this page, or the identical widget on my facebook wall.  Just keep an eye on the runner named _avid_.

May 27, 2009

How I spent Memorial Day Weekend

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The back closet had been bothering me for months. I felt dread everytime I needed to open the door. So rather then do anything fun, Chris and I spent Memorial Day Weekend doing some spring cleaning.

  • First, we took everything out of the closet.
  • Next, we gave a lot of stuff away.
  • Then we organized the rest.
  • And finally, we cleaned the rest of the house.
  • I was very happy when we were done.