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November 18, 2008

Latine loqui coactus sum – I have this compulsion to speak Latin

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I was working on my Business Associations flashcards in the library today, and had a really random thought.  If I had latin motto, what would it be?  My professor wrapped up class a little early tonight and started talking about registration for next term, so I took the opportunity to peruse an online latin phrase site.

I read tons of these, and I know the one I like.  But I’m curious as to what you all think.  I don’t have polls enabled, so vote by comment.

Which latin motto suits me best?

  1. Ad augusta per angustaTo high places by narrow roads
  2. Age quod agisDo what you do well/pay attention to what you are doing
  3. Aut viam inveniam aut faciamI will either find a way or make one
  4. Brevior saltare cum deformibus viris est vitaLife is too short to dance with ugly men
  5. Cave ab homine unius libriBeware of anyone who has just one book
  6. Credo quia absurdumI believe it because it is absurd
  7. In medio stat virtusVirtue stands in the middle/Virtue is in the moderate, not the extreme position.
  8. Maximus in minimisGreat in little things
  9. Omnia mutantur nos et mutamur in illisAll things change, and we change with them
  10. Semper letteris mandateAlways get it in writing! (something any future lawyer knows is true)

Edit: Ha!  I just remembered that #9 is the motto for the X-men school in Marvel’s 1602 comic.   That was unintentional, I promise.

November 13, 2008

Remember WENN online? *High-pitched fangirl squeal of glee!*

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Round about the late 1990s, the American Movie Classics cable channel experimented with some original programing. They produced this wonderful little TV series called Remember WENN. It was set at a radio station just before US involvement in World War II. The story revolved around the daily craziness of eccentric and underpaid actors and writers producing live radio dramas. It was well written, had charming characters, told a fun story, and I was absolutely in love with the series. And, of course, AMC canceled it at the end of season 4 (on a cliff hanger, no less!).

AMC has since refused to release the series in any format, and pretty much has tried to bury the fact that they ever produced this Emmy winning bit of awesomeness. However, I discovered as of yesterday that the more technically capable fans have been transferring the episodes they taped from their VHS copies to digital media.

With a solemn vow to stop it with the bootlegging as soon as AMC officially licenses the product, fans have made episodes available as bittorrents. A little over half the series is currently downloadable, and folks are working on getting the rest in torrent format. You can also stream episodes on Google video. Just search for WENN [season number].[episode number]. For example, WENN 2.3 would get you episode 3 from season 2. Apparently there are more episodes available on Google then in torrent form. You can also download the Google episodes for use on an iPod (say, if you have a long journey by train or plane).

If it wasn’t overwhelmingly apparent, I highly recommend the series. Give it a watch if you’ve got some spare time – the episodes are only a half-hour long.

November 12, 2008

Final[s] Countdown

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Here’s the deal folks: finals are about four weeks out.  I have just enough time to properly prepare for my tests (something I’ve yet to do in my years here at law school) if I start right now.  Because it worked so well with my 10K training over the summer, I’m going to make daily progress reports to the blog.  I’m banking on that time tested motivator called public shame – I figure I’ll less likely to slack off if I have to tell you all about it.  Feel free to comment on or ignore my efforts as you will.

Study Goal:
Today’s job is Constitutional Law.  45 pages (with 20 case briefs) before class at 6:30.
Achieved: 10 pages, and probably 4 cases. I had a lot of work for Lexis. =p

November 8, 2008

PAPEDOTWW – Saturday

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Today’s theme: Street Fair

Chris and I headed over to the Burbank Mall for some shopping; I grabbed my camera just in case. I was glad I did, because we were surprised to find a street fair in progress just outside the mall.

Wood: The artist specializes in handcrafted boxes and chests and tables and wall hangings made of wood with wood inlays. If I had a million dollars, I’d have bought everything in that tent.

Impatient: This artist also worked in wood, but made more rustic looking heavy furniture. I made Chris sit for a picture. I think that’s a “wrap it up” gesture, Or he’s trying to scratch a record. Wiki-wiki!

And there are a few more pictures in the Street Fair album.

And this concludes PAPEDOTWW. It was a fun week, and a great idea from Sprinkles. I now return you to your regular, infrequent-posts-by-me, schedule.

Librarians do what now?

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Okay, this isn’t PAPEDOTWW related, but I was too amazed not to post. I was poking around on the internets, like I do, and I came across this story in the Associated Press: Wis. librarians dance to victory with book carts .

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Librarians shook out their buns and dusted off their dancing shoes to compete in the Wisconsin Book Cart Drill Team competition.

Bwah? I’ve heard Dance Drill teams and Military Drill teams but never a Book Cart Drill Team. But hooray for the internet age, because You Tube, of course, has video.

November 7, 2008


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Today’s theme: Night

In pondering Los Angeles things to take picture of for PAPEDOTWW, I got to thinking about the Universal Studios City Walk. This is an area of shops and restaurants outside the theme park. And I remembered how awesome that area looks at night. So Chris and I took the Red Line to the studio to get some pictures.

This was my favorite from the set. This fountain shoots up water at various timed intervals. There are almost always little kids trying (though not very hard) to dodge the spurts:

My love of popcorn is well known. Little did I know I would find my homeland tonight:

And, of course, a Universal Studios sign:

The Night Album has more pictures.

November 6, 2008

PAPEDOTWW – Thursday

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Today’s theme: Routine

I took some pictures of the things I do in the morning.  Since the pictures are pretty ordinary, I played around with Picasa’s editing filters to make them more interesting

Power On:  I used the selective Black and White tool to keep only the color of my computer’s blue glow.

Shower Poof:  I turned up the color saturation quite a bit.

There are more picture experiements in the Morning Routine album.

November 5, 2008

PAPEDOTWW – Wednesday

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Today’s theme: Architecture.

I’m absolutely in love with the look of the Los Angeles County Medical Center (and I wish I knew where that picture was taken from).   I don’t know if it qualifies as Art Deco architecture (which I also love), but I like the way the boxy shape of the building is broken up with some graceful curves and occasional peaks.  I’ve been meaning to stop and take pictures and PAPEDOTWW was the kick I needed to actually do it.

This was taken from the parking garage of the Children’s Hospital at the far end of the medical campus.  This was a close to the front of the building as I could get on foot.

The LA Medical Center album has more pictures taken from various points around Los Angeles as I dead-reckoned my way toward the building.  You wouldn’t think it would be hard to find parking at a hospital so you could get out and walk around.  You would be wrong.

November 4, 2008


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Today’s theme: Vote

I took the day off from school so I could vote and watch the returns.  These are pictures that I took around the neighborhood, and at my polling place.

My local coffee shop has an LCD behind the counter that shows advertisements, horoscopes, pictures, and items of local interest.  This was the message when I went to get a hot chocolate before walking over to vote:

My local polling place.  In four years, I’ve never seen this many people here on Election Day!

The Ink-a-dot ballot holder, with my ballot and my Presidential choice marked.  No surprise here:

The Vote album has more pictures from today’s Electoral Extravaganza!

November 3, 2008


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Today’s theme: School

I don’t think I’ve ever shared any pictures of my little law school.  So here are some photos of my school, as well as a couple of pictures from the Cal State Fullerton Campus across the street (I eat in their student union a LOT.  The food is cheap and just a short walk away).

Western State University College of Law (as seen from the Cal State Fullerton lawn):

The school is just two buildings – the main building, and this accurately labeled library:

I’m on the Moot Court team, and this is our Moot Court room:

And from Cal State Fullerton:

A really cool fountain:

Chris isn’t the only one to bring topiary into play!

The School album has more pictures from today’s photo adventures.