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October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

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In honor of the day, here’s an awesome giant pumpkin!

Wendell Tewilliger

October 29, 2008


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I have totally caved to peer pressure and joined Facebook.

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October 25, 2008

La, la la la, O-BA-MA!

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Could this be the next “Yatta”?

I’m looking to you for a translation, Sprinkles.

October 22, 2008

Midterms complete!

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I just finished my last midterm – Constitutional Law. It was a one hour multiple choice test that I finished in about 35 minutes. It seemed pretty straight forward. Either I did really well or really bad. Time will tell.

Tomorrow, I’m going to the DMV. It’s time to renew my license, and while California allows you to do that by mail, I didn’t remember I needed to do that until last Sunday. While I’m out and about, I think I’ll get my passport updated to Brunner status. Much fun will be had dealing with various bureaucracies, I’m sure.

October 20, 2008

Curse you, Dr. House! or A Tale of Hypochondria

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This isn’t exactly a funny post, but more a true tale of how neurotic I sometimes get – particularly if you throw midterms in the mix.  For the last month and some, I’ve had a persistent cough that refuses to just go away.  I thought that I was just fighting that cold that 90% of the students at my school caught.  But I went to see the doctor.  And I blew in a little tube to measure my lung capacity.  And for some reason, I was only at 75% of output.  Weirdness.  The doc theorized it was viral, and put me on all sorts of inhalers.  And then I went home.  And sometime over the next few days, I remembered part of episode of H.O.U.S.E. M.D.  A young woman, about 25 or so, had a mysterious cough.  That was her only symptom.  It turned out she had incurable death cancer – 4 months to live, tops.

Let it be known far and wide that I’m a total hypochondriac about cancer.  There’s a history of it in my family.  While I try to be a rational person, about this one topic, I have no perspective.  So what happens when I remember this television moment?  I become terrified that I have cancer.  Sure, House tries to pick the really obscure medical stuff that hardly ever happens to anyone.  If I’d never seen that episode, it would never even have occurred to me to wonder whether I had cancer in the first place.  But I had this cough, and I’d seen this show, and I went right off the deep end. Total panic.  Could barely eat.  Could hardly sleep.  Could not concentrate worth a damn (this little panic attack hit me about, oh, 20 minutes before my Evidence midterm.  Sigh.)

I freaked right out about it for a few days before I finally called my doctor and convinced her that, for my piece of mind, I really needed a chest x-ray.  For my piece of mind, she agreed.  The x-ray was Friday.  I found out today that I DO NOT have cancer.  I still don’t know what I DO have, but it is NOT cancer.

And I don’t watch House anymore.