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July 30, 2008


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So who is a fan of Totally Rad Dances? I found this totally awesome video that will totally tells us all how to do the Thriller dance! Totally!

Today’s Run:
Distance: 4.80 miles (or so. My counter dropped 1/8th of a mile)
Time: 0:47:00 ish
Average pace: 00:10:00ish
Temp at start: 76°F
Temp at finish: 73 °F
32 days until The Human Race

July 29, 2008


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A 5.3 earthquake rocked my lawschool around 11:40am. The epicenter of the quake was about 38 miles away. I was in the school library at the time. The building gave a slight shake, like a big truck had driven down the street, followed by a surprising jolt. The lights wobbled, and apparently a few books fell off a shelf upstairs. It lasted about 5 seconds. The staff told us all to go outside, and another dude (I later learned he was one of the school’s finance guys, and the head of the fire and safety committee) told us to go out in the parking lot away from the buildings. We hung around for about 20 minutes. I sent Chris a text (cell phones switched to 911 only calls because of the quake) to let him know I was fine; he told me they felt the quake up in NoHo. The school administrators then decided to close down the school for the day to assess whether there was any structural damage (which I think was a complete overreaction on their part). I drove home. The cat was asleep when I got in, so she obviously wasn’t traumatized by the incident. The apartment was unaffected, but for a small picture frame and a small plaque, both of which were tipped over.

In summary:

  • No harm done to me, Chris, our Cat, or our apartment.
  • I didn’t get to work today, so I lost out on some money.
  • Some lucky bastards at school will get their final rescheduled because of the shut down; my test is Thursday, so I am not one of them.

I’m stressed as hell because of the test and some other class related reasons.  I just want this week to be done.

Today’s Run:
Distance: 4.75 miles (or so. My counter dropped a whole mile)
Time: 0:47:06
Average pace: 00:10:00ish
Temp at start: 75 °F
Temp at finish: 71 °F
33 days until The Human Race

July 28, 2008


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I’ll sleep when my outline is done.

Today’s Run:
Distance: 4.71 miles
Time: 0:47:51
Average pace: 00:10:01
Temp at start: forgot to check
Temp at finish: forgot to check
34 days until The Human Race

July 27, 2008

The 5 Stages of Finals Week

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  1. Denial: I still have plenty of time to learn all this
  2. Anger: Why the hell didn’t I leave myself more time?
  3. Bargaining: If I just had another day or two….
  4. Depression: I’m a complete and total looser who is incapable of managing anything in my life.
  5. Acceptance: Yup. I’m screwed.

Current stage: Anger

Today’s Run:
Distance: 4.65 miles
Time: 0:48:09
Average pace: 00:10:20
Temp at start: 71°F
Temp at finish: 66°F
35 days until The Human Race

July 26, 2008

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Last week looked like this:

Monday: John drove up from Long Beach and took Chris and out to a cute little French bistro for dinner. I had crab cake appetizer, duck confit dinner, and creme brulee for desert. It was quite delicious, and we’ll likely eat there again.

Tuesday: Worked at the library and went to class. Came home to a lovely anniversary dinner cooked by Chris. He got me the Fiest’s The Reminder album. I got him some new bike tires. Happy two years!

Wednesday: Went to school and worked my Lexis hours. Came home early, and dabbled with finals prep work.

Thursday: Worked at the library and went to the last class of the term. Chris and Jacques met me at school (they took the train down from North Hollywood). We hopped in the car and drove to San Diego.

Friday: Comic Con. I bought a t-shirt from Penny Arcade, a nice signed cast poster from Questionable Content, and a signed volume one of Girl Genius (which I’d never read, but heard was awesome. It is. I’ve read the book and am catching up online). In addition to wandering the exhibit hall, we saw the Joss Whedon/Dr. Horrible panel. This was followed by the American Dad/Family Guy panels. Then we hurried across the Con, thinking that with two hours to spare, we’d be plenty early to get into the Venture Bros panel. Wrong. It was the LINE OF DOOM. It wrapped almost entirely around the building, and eventually the staff stopped letting people line up because there was no way in hell they’d get in to see anything. We waited for three hours; first, we missed the Venture Bros panel, and then we missed the Robot Chicken panel that followed in the same room. And we didn’t make it in. We were picking up our stuff to head home when the door opened and they started letting more people in. We saw the MST3K group, and it was worth the wait.

Saturday: Con recovery and a bit of finals work. And after a week off, running HURT.

This next week is all about my final on Thursday. I apologize in advance for the freaking out I will inflict on all my friends and family in the coming days.

Distance: 4.6 miles
Time: 0:48:36
Average pace: 00:10:33
Temp at start: 75°F
Temp at finish: 73°F
36 days until The Human Race

July 22, 2008

Happy Anniversery!

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Happy Anniversary, Chris! It has been a wonderful two years.

July 20, 2008


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Getting closer to done on the finals flashcards.  I hope to finish by Tuesday.

Distance: 4.52 miles
Time: 0:46:43 probably
Average pace: 00:10:19
Temp at start: 75°F
Temp at finish: 73°F
42 days until The Human Race

July 19, 2008

Magic and Mayhem

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Yesterday we had dinner plans which means I couldn’t run in the evening; by the time I got myself together to run early in the afternoon, it was almost 90°. So I played DDR for an hour instead.

Dinner plans were to join one of Chris’ co-workers and some friends at Magic Castle. It was amazing! I was most impressed with the “close-up” acts we saw – the magician would perform for a group of about 30 people who were very close to the action. Coin tricks, card tricks, folded up dollar bills, burnt and amazingly unburnt matchsticks, etc. We knew how they must have been doing the tricks, but the amazing part was that we never actually saw anyone in the middle of a move. Everything was divided into before a trick, during the setup, and suddenly after, when the trick was done. The food was excellent, and the people were nice, and it was a good night all around.

Today, we saw Dark Knight with the regular crew. SO GOOD! I was bracing myself for a movie that wouldn’t live up to all the hype, but this movie blew the hype away. I have no idea how they could make a third movie to top it.

Today’s run:
Distance: 4.5 miles (at least. My counter froze at some point, but I completed five full laps around the park.)
Time: 0:50:00 probably
Average pace: ??:??:??
Temp at start: 84°F
Temp at finish: 86°F
43 days until The Human Race

July 16, 2008

[Insert catchier title here]

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No class today, and I didn’t fee like making the drive down to school. I stayed home and played with my finals outlines.

Hey! Nike tells me I met my goal of running 40 miles in 4 weeks.  W00t!  Well, since I’m still working up my distance for the race, I’ll raise the bar to 50 miles in the next 4 weeks.

Today’s run:
Distance: 4.30 miles
Time: 0:45:04
Average pace: 0:10:28
Temp at start: 79°F
Temp at finish: 77°F
46 days until The Human Race

July 14, 2008


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One thing I love about running in the park in the evening is that tons of people are walking their dogs. I see a full range from little bag dogs to hulking malamutes. My favorite, though, is a sturdy looking beagle – his owner is an older asian gentleman who is always in a suit, so I think he takes the dog out first thing when he gets home. The beagle always looks up and grins when he sees me coming.

Today’s run:
Distance: 4.25 miles
Time: 0:45:07
Average pace: 0:10:35
Temp at start: 79°F
Temp at finish: 76°F
48 days until The Human Race