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December 30, 2007

Project Cube

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So remember those SOOPER SECRET Christmas plans I was so excited about? I made a wooden model of the companion cube from the video game Portal for Chris. For details, check out the photo album.


I’ve done some work on my paper, but not enough. That’s my plan for tomorrow, until we go to Badir’s totally awesome New Year’s Eve party.

December 17, 2007

Break at last

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Finals have come and gone. Civ. Pro. went pretty well, I didn’t finish my Crim. essay AGAIN, and I think Property was a flat out DISASTER. But at this point, I have no perspective, so I’ll just have to wait for grades to come back. I’m doing my level best not to think about it – I’m not even going to check and see if they’re posted until after Christmas.

One project I have over the break is my Moot Court problem. I need to have the rough draft of my portion of the problem finished by January 1. I’ll be at the library researching the rest of the week.

My other priority is a SOOPER SECRET X-MAS PROJECT for Chris. I’m having entirely too much fun being sneaky. It’s driving him mad. I spent all of Saturday away from the apartment working on stuff – I was gone so long, he asked me if I had tried to drive to Mexico for Coke made with real sugar. That wasn’t what I was doing, but darn, the idea was so awesome, I wished I’d thought of it!

Speaking of driving a loved one crazy for the holiday, I leave you with this wonderful gift idea from E-bay: Drive someone insane with postcards.