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November 14, 2007

According to Plan

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My birthday was awesome – we had a nice party on the weekend, and then I played hooky at Disneyland on the 31st. Thanks all, for your company and your friendship. And thanks for the gifts, as well. =)

Finals are three weeks out. As usual, I have a hole to dig myself out of. The plan is this:

  1. Finish remaining Civ. Pro. assignments by Friday night.
  2. Spend Saturday and Sunday making Crim. Law. flashcards
  3. Spend all next week making Property flashcards
  4. Spend the following week making Civ. Pro. flashcards.
  5. Spend following weekend memorizing flashcards and working practice exams
  6. Take tests over the course of two weeks
  7. Hit video game store on my way home from my last final to purchase Twilight Princess for Wii
  8. Go home, do shots, play Zelda
  9. Nervous breakdown

See! I have the nervous breakdown all scheduled, so I don’t have to worry about until after December 15 some time. Wish me luck!

PS: The wishlist has been updated for Christmas.