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September 17, 2007

Asskickery (as in me taking case names and etc.)

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The blogging had a delayed effect – I didn’t fly into a legal fugue until after I got back from the gym today. But I did manage to catch up on my case load for the week. Tomorrow, I start next week’s cases, with flash cards and the start of midterm review planned for the weekend. I need school all these new 1L’s in the fine art of writing essay questions.

September 16, 2007


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I’ve got the mid-term blues. So many cases, and it seems like never enough time to do them all. I’m way behind on my flashcards. This has led to general moping about and feeling sorry for myself. While taking time to blog about it seems counterintuitive, I’m hoping that by naming the thing, I’ll be able to move beyond it, into some kind of ass-kicking, case-briefing, legal overdrive.

I’ll concede, I’ve taken more time for myself this weekend then usual. Yesterday, we went to the Wired NextFest at the convention center. It was fun! All of the exhibits were “The Future of [Topic].” Education – more computers and more interactive. Entertainment – 3D images and touch interfaces. Home Design – emphases on energy conservation and renewable resources. A lot of these innovations were geared toward home or small business owners. I don’t have a burning need for any of it right now, but over the next ten years, I can see a lot of the wares becoming common necessities.

Next week is a non-Moot Court week, which means more time for homework in the library on Tuesday. I’ll be going to a competition of some kind next term, and I’ll likely spend part of Christmas Break working on that project. Exactly which competition hasn’t been confirmed because The Powers That Be originally gave me an area of law I’ve not yet studied; they are now trying to decide if this was a clever and beneficial thing to do. Mind you, I like the assignment, and I’d like to give it a go, but I’ll understand if they want to send a student with more background. When I have final word on where I’ll be going and what I’ll be doing, I will spread the word.

September 10, 2007

I’m not making this up

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Today’s lesson in Civil Procedure:

Any non-party at least 18 years old can serve process, although the court can order service by a marshal. When the marshal’s office is to effect service, the plaintiff may be required to instruct the marshal on how to do so. In Mayo v. Satan and His Staff, (Pennsylvania 1971), the court dismissed the case because the plaintiff failed to render such aid when asking the marshal to serve the devil himself.

September 3, 2007

Numbers that currently shape my life

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4.03 miles: The distance I managed to jog at the gym this morning. I feel great!

105 degrees: The temperature yesterday. Happily, it cooled to a comfortable 93 at night. As far as the heat goes, this last week has been full of suck.

5: Friends who came over to play board games on Saturday night. Lots of fun.

13 cases: What I need to brief for next week, in between reading secondary sources, and making flash cards.

10 hours: My weekly office hours for LexisNexis. Hey, at least I can do homework, too

4.5: Size of the earthquake the rocked the OC over the weekend. I felt a short – 2 second – aftershock while at the gym this morning. It felt like someone had driven into the building.

?: The mystery grade that has yet to be posted for Environmental Law. Arg!