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December 30, 2006

Long trip

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The brief version:

Saturday, December 23: Left LA at 7:20am, drove all day, arrived in Eugene, at Chris’ dad’s house, at 9:30pm.

December 24: Slept late. Went to Chris’ mom’s house. Christmas Mass from 7:30 – 10:00pm. Called Portland to say Merry Christmas, found out my grandma was in the hospital.

December 25: Dreamed that I failed out of law school. Woke up at Chris’ mom’s house at 7:00am. Yay, presents! Went to Chris’ dad’s house for breakfast. Yay, more presents! Drove to Portland. In Portland by 3:00pm. Dinner with Mom and Erv. Yay, more presents! Went to hospital to visit grandmother.

December 26: Slept late. Woke up and checked the school website – still no grades posted. Went to Mark’s (my father) house. Yay, presents! Still no grades posted. Phone call from hospital to learn that my grandma, Alice Pernetti, had passed away. She was a wonderful woman. She wasn’t in any pain, and we were expecting it for a long time, but it was still hard to hear. Mom is taking it well.

December 27: Exchanged a few gifts around town and sold a box of books to Powell’s. Went out to dinner with my dad to give my mom some space. No grades posted.

December 28: Helped mom begin to sort through grandma’s things. For myself, was given a set of gram’s pearls and a framed painting that I’d always liked. Left for Eugene that afternoon. Back to Chris’ mom’s house for a Lord of the Rings Desert party and then back to his dad’s house to sleep and attempt to have a LAN party. No grades posted.

December 29: Dreamed (again) that I failed out of law school. Woke up and loafed around Chris’ dad’s house. Went out to lunch and checked the mall for discount monitors (Chris’ is barely hanging on. Still no grades posted. Will call school on Tuesday, because they really should have been up by now.

December 30, Present Day: Woke up, ate breakfast, hauled ass out of Eugene. Made over the pass, no problem. Stopped for lunch in Redding. Switched drivers. On the on-ramp back to the I-5 South, the clutch cable broke. Called AAA. Got a tow to a shop. Got a lift to a Holiday Inn. Posting from their free internet access.

Tomorrow: Will search town for clutch cable. Will either rent a car, or try to “speed shift” to get back to LA. Will host New Year’s party for friends. Will fall asleep in a corner.

Hope your holiday has been fun, and maybe not as busy as mine. Happy New Year, all!

December 22, 2006

Northern Exposure

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Mary Poppins is on TV right now, and this movie still rocks. I had an odd thought, though, during that scene when Mr. Banks takes Jane and Michael to the bank. All the bankers are singing about tuppence, and I had a vision of the senior bankers teaching the new hires the song on their first day.I still have no grades, which is causing me no end of stress. I’ve completely lost perspective on this – either I’ve failed out of school or I haven’t, and I can’t guess either way anymore. But, as I doubt the school secretary is going to be in over the weekend, I won’t find out until the 26th at the earliest (and supposedly by the 29th at the latest, according to an e-mail the school sent out).I had no jury duty this week, so I don’t have to worry about coming back early from our trip North. We’re leaving arse early tomorrow and driving right through.Merry Christmas, or if that isn’t your tradition, happy holiday of choice. We’re back in town in time for New Years, but if I don’t post until then, have a happy one of those as well.

December 18, 2006

Only six shopping days until Christmas…

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and I’m already done. I’ve wrapped my last present. Yesterday, I played 12 hours of Legend of Zelda, the Windwaker. It was really, really nice to just blow off a day.

I didn’t get called for jury duty today, so I have to call back tonight. If I don’t get called for tomorrow, I’m likely going to stay home and putter around the house – do the dishes and clean up so we can leave for a week and come home to a clean apartment. Besides, we’re hosting New Year’s Eve at our place, and it will be nice to not have to power clean the day we get back. Also, I’m going to work on wedding thank you notes.

On the grade front, it seems that they will not be posted today or tomorrow, but Thursday or Friday (seven days after my LAST test, not seven days after EACH test, like I thought). OMG tension!

December 15, 2006

The waiting game

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It’s early. I have a stomach ache. Slept quite poorly – all I could think about was the Torts final, and things I’d overlooked, or seen but forgot to mention. Thinking back on it, I may have lost up to half the points for the essay section. I finally just got up around 6, so as not to keep poor Chris awake. I dug out my student handbook, and did the math, and it’s probable that I’ll be able to stay in school next term, with the worst case scenario of academic probation. I just don’t know – I think I’m right on the line, and I have to wait a week to get my Torts grade. This is where ulcers come from.

Edit: It’s about 8 am. I hadn’t noticed the blog clock was all screwy until now. I’ve reset it for future posts.

Done, Done, and Done!

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My last final is done, completed at 9:30pm. I’ve done three shots – one for each class this term – and am in a loose and accepting/fatalistic state of mind. The Torts final went pretty well. I thought I’d rocked out like a million – nay, a billion! – guitars, but during the post-final discussion with my fellow classmates, I realized I may have missed a really obvious thing or two (or three or four or…). As I won’t know for a week or so, I’m just going to assume that I’ve passed my first term and am not on academic probation. Seriously, I feel like Scrooge right now, on his knees, imploring the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come for just one more chance. I can change, law school! Please, I promise you, next term will be better. Just let me squeak by now.

Tomorrow starts the only weekend we’ve got for Christmas shopping. Next week is Jury Duty. And depending on that, the week after is home to Oregon for a week of holiday and being pampered by family. I’m looking heartily forward to it.

December 14, 2006

Contracts 1: Offer and Acceptance

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If you’ve ever wondered what law school (more specifically first year Contracts) is like, here’s an example that all good Tolkien nerds will appreciate.

Tomorrow: Torts final of DOOM!

December 11, 2006

Grr, finals

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So it’s after 7 now. I’ve made all of three flash cards all day long. My last test is Thursday, and I just can’t seem to make myself focus on studying. I’ll do my best not to post “Aragh! Why didn’t I do this sooner!” on Wednesday night.

Link o’ the day: another reason to love the Legend of Zelda

December 10, 2006

It’s Christmas, Scrubs!

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Todays link, in keeping with the holiday spirit, is the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, as performed by the cast of Scrubs. You probably won’t get the jokes if you aren’t familar with Scrubs.

December 9, 2006

What’s it gonna be?

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Link o’ the day: What’s it Gonna Be? This cracks me up every time I watch it. I think it’s the perspective of the camera, coupled with the fact that I’m, ya know, a woman. I imagine an older barfly really hitting on me like this, with his loyal wingman singing back-up. Creepy would out weigh flattering, but I would admire their dedication.

In other news, I compiling the big list of negligence related flashcards for the Torts test on Thursday. I hope to have the set ready to print out tonight, so I can take them to Mudd for the weekend while we visit Jacques.

December 8, 2006

Wishlist updated

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My wishlist page has been updated for Christmas. If you’re looking for gift ideas, there they be.