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September 30, 2006

Stand Up and Take Notice!

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Bush has been adamant about getting his new military tribunals for detainees legislation passed before the pre-election break at the end of this week. Why the rush? Buried deep within this legislation is a passage that would pardon POTUS and members of his administration from any crimes associated with torture and mistreatment of detainies dating back to 9/11/01. Some of these crimes would carry the death penalty.

Now personally, since the Abu Grab pictures, I have firmly belived that we are torturing detainees, whether we have good evidence to detain them or not. But this says to me that the President, for all of his adament “America doesn’t torture” speeches knows that he has been lying to the American people, and he’s afraid that one day he’s going to have to deal with the repercussions of his actions. If you’re upset by the Get Away With Tortoure Free stipulation in the legislation, call your congressmen.

Folks, there’s an election coming up. If you dislike the way that this country has been run for the last six years – that America has institutionalized torture, that we now illegally wire tapping our own citizens, that the budget deficit is growing by some 8 billion dollars a month – then go out and vote for change. Please.

September 29, 2006

Once upon a time…

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Live Journal Fairy Tale by x_lindsayw_x
Favourite Fairy Tale / Story
Once Upon A Time In A Slimy dungeon
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Named silverskit
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Suddenly, They Were Attacked By A Skelington
Called kphoebe
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Came Riding By On A Magic Carpet
With His Side Kick, c_wraith
And Together They Fought The Monster With Bad Jokes
Likely Hood Of A Happy Ending:

September 25, 2006


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I was killing some time this morning before starting my homework, and decided to search for “cool commercials” on You Tube. Here are some winners:

And one last cool thing to leave you with: Line Rider

September 24, 2006

Brand new site, same old me

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And LO! There was a time when silence ruled the land and updates were few and far between. Sorry about that, all, but not much has been going on. Here are the highlights:

  • School continues: I’m still slugging away at this law school thing. Torts class is going great – the professor does a really good job of explaining the exact circumstances during which certain torts and privileges apply. Pro-skills is going alright – I have slowly honed my legal writing skills though various ungraded assignments, and the first of the graded assignments is due in two weeks. My draft needs major revision, but at least I KNOW that, and have time to adjust accordingly. Contracts really sucks right now. I only half get the concepts, and there’s a lot more to remember then in Torts. I’m not looking forward to the midterm, but at least I stil have two weeks to try and fix things.
  • Work has started: I’ve begun my stint filing updates to legal resource books at the school library. Basically, as the publishers revise their content, they send out replacement pages for their resource books (which are volumes and volumes of three ring binders), and a set of filing instructions. I then get these books from the shelf and replace old pages with the updates. It is really boring and mindless. They let me listen to my MP3 player, and that’s how I make it through six hours of updating at a shift.
  • Health: I’m finally over an annoying minor cold. I think I’ve finally found a gym I can use There’s an LA fitness near campus that gives WSU students a discount. I think I’m going to join up there.
  • Homepage: As you can see, I’ve created a personal homepage using WordPress. I’m going to be posing updates both here and at my LiveJournal page.
  • Bar(s): I need to join the Bar Association ASAP for school; in fact, I think I’ll visit their site when I’m done with this post. Also, Cindy, Anna, Anna’s Matt, Chris, and I found a nice bar in the neighborhood to hang out in for when we want to go and hang out at a bar. Timmy Nolan’s is set up like an Irish pub, has food in huge portions, good beer on tap, a good mix of music, cozy corner booths, and is cheap besides. We’re heading over there tonight.
  • Entertainment: Last weekend we went and saw Little Miss Sunshine, which was funnier then I thought it would be. I really liked it. On Thursday, Chris and I went to the Video Games Live concert at the Hollywood Bowl for the second year in a row. Fun show, great venue.

That’s it, kids. Enjoy your weekend!

September 14, 2006

Is this thing on?

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Testing themes. Posting to give page more depth.